Native to a Web of Data

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while.
MP3 of Tom Coates’ presentation

An excellent presentation from Tom Coates who used to work for the BBC, but has now moved on to Yahoo. His talk is aimed at web developers about to develop web 2.0 apps.
Those building or contemplating building web apps for humanities (or any other) purposes should bear his excellent advice in mind:

  1. Look to add value to the Aggregate web of data
  2. Build for normal users, developers and machines
  3. Start designing with data (objects), not with pages
  4. Identify your first order object and make them addressable
  5. Use readable, reliable, and hackable URLs
  6. Correlate with external identifier schemes (or coin a new standard)
  7. Build list views and batch manipulation interfaces
  8. Parallel data representations
  9. Make your data as discoverable as possible

The future looks good if everyone follows his advice.


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