Timeline API

Simile at MIT have recently come up with a timeline widget api – google maps for timelines. It lets you plot events and time ranges (taken from either XML or JSON) onto timelines, and it’s all pretty darn good.

It should facilitate all kinds of interesting visualisations. There are a few really interesting examples up already – my favourite is the timeline of the shooting of JFK.



  1. Dan Hanley said

    For those interested in tracking Web 2.0 technologies, I’ve used Timeline to track some of the major blogs here:

  2. Hi,

    I’ve also been playing recently with Timeline. Lovely stuff – though a bit fat – I can testify

    Glad to see your blog back to life. Would you mind putting something in your “About” page? I’d like to know who I’m reading.

    Thanks and regards!

  3. Hi Dan, Nice timeline. I also stumbled across one that lets you view your own RSS subscriptions on the timeline. I really think this is an excellent widget, and it’s great seeing it being used in all kinds of inventive ways like this..

    Brian, Thanks for the interest – I didn’t know anyone read this blog on purpose! I had a look at aotw.org – pretty cool project.

  4. […] Also of interest to me, is something reported by Semantic Humanities (also spotted via the Stoa), a timeline that looks rather similar in execution to Google Maps. I like the concept, it probably works best with a widescreen monitor, but then doesn’t everything? […]

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